Those days, those nights

Those days those nights

So what has filled your January listening list? If it is anything like mine then it will have been peppered with songs from records that you have been catching up with from 2010. All those records you missed that someone said you ought to check out. Some of them you even like.

I had good intentions for January. Don’t we always? I was going to take a stance against all those blogs who post track after track but never actually tell you much about the music aside from some biographical details that honestly you couldn’t give a fuck about. I mean, does anyone remember words? Does anyone remember what it’s like to read poetry about music? I mean, sure, it’s frustrating to read that music is like ochre kissed fields in a darkening January twilight only to discover that it’s actually just another bleary, easy cash in on the current trend (in other words it just sounds like a weak Best Coast or Wild Nothing copycat). But it’s better than just coming to that conclusion from simply clicking on an embedded music file, no? No? Just me then?

The irony of course is that my own January listening mix is shared here without any words about the music at all and is filled with many songs culled from those very kinds of blogs.

So I’m a hypocrite. Deal with it.

I Know I Fucked Up – Darren Hayman & Elizabeth Morris
Not Today – White Wishes
Weathervane – Early to Bed
Homework – Big Deal
Yarrow – WOJCIK
Jigsaw Falling Out Of Place – Zoo Kid
U & Eye – Chaim
Cover The Walls (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound) – Internet Forever
Running Up That Hill – Bank Heist
Hole In Your Heart – Secret Shine
Those Days, Those Nights – The Notes
Freakscene – Insect Guide
You Girls Smoke Cigarettes? – No Joy
Dirty Boots – Sex Beet
Romantic Girl – Bare Wires
Kudzu Girlfriend – Standard Fare
The Accidental – Modern Rivals
Buffalo – The Deloreans
Golden Age – Beat Radio
Last Train To Clarkston – Bubblegum Lemonade

Download the mix here. Usual rules of engagement apply: If you like something, buy the damn records (unless it’s free anyway, in which case send the artists your love and devotion) and spread the word.

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