Kiss For Fun


February already, so just in time for that mid-month day of romantic commercial overkill (sorry, of course I meant ‘celebration’) here’s a mix of some of my month’s listening so far. Lots to love, I’m sure you’ll agree. Don’t forget to follow the trails and investigate/support the acts that make your knees tremble.

Attention – BLOW!
Kill Them – Tiger Bones
Edita V – Balkans
Teachers – Surf City
Up Past The Nursery – Suuns
Bruises – Minks
Gotta Get Along – New Shouts
The Kingdom – Bank Heist
Equestrian (Flosstradamus Remix) – U.S. Royalty
Found Out – Caribou
The High Life – Matt Longo
Theme From New Fun – The European
Under The Silver Stars Of Love – Slow Down Tallahassee
God Save the Runaways – The Secret History
Kiss For Fun – New Shouts
Climbing Walls – Strange Talk
Lovesick (Once Again) – The Hundred In The Hands
Quitting You Is Harder Than Candy (featuring Liz Enthusiasm) – Eiscafe

Jelly Babies

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