(Nothing to do but) Get High In The Afternoon

Get high in the afternoon

End of February and here’s a blend of blistered, blurred and blissed out guitars, beats and electronic glitches for you. Personal highlights would be the the Loveless lovers’ space rock of Young Prisms, Alien Pimp and Spatial’s subterranean techno and the glorious Pop electro smooch of Living Rooms and especially Icky Blossoms, whose aptly titled ‘Perfect Visions’ gives title to the mix. Not forgetting of course the salacious sludge rock of Fungi Girls and Girls Names: shifty, bedsit noisy Pop whose aim in life is surely to soundtrack a moment of mixtape romance and then to be be gone (and hence remembered) forever. Mission accomplished.

Haller Lake – The Cave Singers
I Want To Be Around You – Jonny
Stay Awake – Young Prisms
I Did It Sober – Idiot Glee
Ungirthed – Purity Ring
Another Sunny Day In Barcelona – Alien Pimp
100319 – Spatial
You’re A Mirage – Living Rooms
Perfect Vision – Icky Blossoms
Sleepless City – Punches
Belong – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Pacifica Nostalgia – Fungi Girls
Tear Me Down – Girls Names
Meet Me In the City – The Babies
Youth Is Wasted On The Young – Chain And The Gang

Boredom so loud.

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