It’s My Heart And I Want You To Break It

Its my heart and i want you to break it

Raise a glass, a shout, a finger. Head deeper underground, even if only in your mind. Spot the connections, make the hops, skips and jumps. This is how it goes: the songs that brighten the days and nights; the words that smother your dreams in imaginary kisses; the swords that pierce your heart. A last glance over the shoulder then disappearing in crowds of metropolitan isolation. Music for the lost couple.

Chandeliers – Dream Cop (spotify)
Stuck in my Id – Reptar (band site)
If You Want It – TV Girl (Bandcamp)
Don’t Make Plans – Ducktails (YouTube)
Cashmere Paisley Polyester – Fingers of the Sun (Bandcamp)
Someone is Waiting – I Was A King (spotify)
Throw Me From the Bridge of Flowers – Hands and Knees (Bandcamp)
I Wanna Do It – Sonny & The Sunsets (Soundcloud)
Ghost Lover – Las Robertas (spotify)
Suitcase – Standard Fare (spotify)
Our Scrapbook – Tompot Blenny (Bandcamp)
GreenThingsMovingThroughtheWaterOnLand – Orchard Thief (Bandcamp)
WHALE – Yellow Ostrich (Bandcamp)
On a Ride – Dignan Porch (spotify)
Bones – Young Circles (Bandcamp)
Sunsetter – Ghost Wave (Bandcamp)
Boulevards In Blume (Galaxies Version) – A U N T I E (CorporateRecords)
Ghosts (Spirit Come In) – Michael Parallax (Bandcamp)

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