Everyone Feels That Way Sometimes

Everyone feels that way sometimes

Rattle My Cage – The Primitives (Amazon MP3 )
Lego – Ok (soundcloud)
Impressions of a City Morning – Brown Recluse (Soundcloud)
Trances – Mariage Blanc (Bandcamp)
Travelers – Arches (mediafire)
Georgia – Yuck (soundcloud)
Tokyo – California Wives (soundcloud)
Time to Dance – The Shoes (soundcloud)
Soul Handsome – Kuhrye-oo (soundcloud)
Everyone Feels That Way Sometimes – Computer Magic (band site)
Marshall Meadows – People Of Water (Amazon MP3 )
The Fall Of Great Britain – Factory Star (occultation label)
Alexander Hamilton – Howth (bandcamp)
Cold Weather Sunshine – Morning Teleportation (Amazon MP3 )
Small Garden Wedding – The Haints of Dean Hall (Bandcamp)
Bunhill Fields – Amor de Dias (Soundcloud)
The Millionaire – Ex Cops (Soundcloud)

4 thoughts on “Everyone Feels That Way Sometimes

  1. Another great collection which will keep me going for some time – and deciding which to add to buying list. Also loads of ‘new’ names to intrigue me – how do you track them all down! Thanks Alistair.


  2. Well, my ‘trade secret’ is plenty of accidental bumbling (bungling?) driven by years of ‘different music’ condition. This is a clinical condition, of course.OK – not exactly a secret!


  3. Great mix as always. California Wives, Brown Recluse and Ex Cops were stand-out tracks for me. I was listening to the songs on Arches’ bandcamp page shortly before listening to your new offering. Not so strange as I’d found them through one of your website suggestions. Did not see the “Travelers” track anywhere though. Where’d you find that gem? Arches reminds me a lot of Tame Impala, an amazing band I only discovered last year.


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