Flying into the sun

Flying into the sun

So here is my easter gift to you, dearest readers. It may not be made of chocolate, but it is filled with delicious treats. Lot’s of the music is free, or at least the price of a swedger, so follow the links and support the groups. Send them your love. Tell them I sent you. Not that it will mean anything to them, but what the heck… The next installment is already under construction and will likely feature the likes of Let’s Wrestle, Wave Pictures, Chris T-T, Wild Nothing, Go! Team, Duplodeck and the utterly brilliant Sleuth.

There Will Never Be Another Night Like Tonight – The Arctic Flow (Bandcamp)
A Summer’s Night Lullaby – Inverness (Bandcamp)
By the Sea – Summer Fiction (Bandcamp)
Flying Into the Sun – Crystal Stilts (YouTube)
Down The Discotheque – Sarandon (buy it on Amazon!)
Do The Dance – Sarandon (buy it on Amazon!)
Don’t Look at Me (I Don’t Like It) – The Lovely Eggs (YouTube)
All We Wanna Do – Two Wounded Birds (YouTube)
I will never hold your hand – Tiger Tape (Bandcamp)
The Greatest Light Is the Greatest Shade – The Joy Formidable (from A Balloon Called Moaning)
The Beat Of Our Own Blood – Jeniferever (Soundcloud)
Cleaning Out The Rooms – British Sea Power (youTube)
The Flooded Room – French Curves (Soundcloud)
There’s Something About Mary – The Hit Parade (Soundcloud)
Recalling – The Proper Ornaments (Bandcamp)
For Jacob with Malaria – Boca Chica (Eardrums Pop)

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