Closer to you now

Closer to you now

Clang Of The Concrete Swans – Comet Gain (from the ‘Howl Of The Lonely Crowd‘ album)
Privilege – CUFFS (from the 7″ on Ride The Snake records. On Bandcamp)
Distracted – Terry Malts (from the ‘I’m Neurotic’ EP on Slumberland. On Soundcloud)
Up On The North Shore – The Sea And Cake (from the ‘The Moonlight Butterfly‘ album)
Flash Lightning – Tom Verlaine (from the debut solo Tom Verlaine album)
Closer To You Now – Starry Eyed and Laughing (on their website)
Tracy Hide – Wondermints (listen on the Tracy Hyde tribute site)
Melody Fair – Bee Gees (with footage from the movie ‘Melody’ starring Tracy Hyde on YouTube)
Dream (Dead Hands) – Amor De Dias (live at Lincoln Hall, Chicago on YouTube from the ‘Street of the Love of Days‘ album)
I’d Like That – XTC (on YouTube)
Lost At Sea – The Wild Swans (from ‘The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years’ album on Occultation)
Eternally Teenage – Tomorrows Tulips (on Vimeo)
Danzig High Flyer – Everyone To The Anderson (on Bandcamp)
Summer’s Going to Hurt – Slow Animal (on Soundcloud)
Trouble Kid (Maproom Remix By Appliance) – Hefner (from the 2CD re-issue of ‘Dead Media’)
Tuesday Is Nearly Over (Peel Session) – Appliance (from the ‘Re-Conditioned‘ box set)
In the Sun – Moon Duo (from the ‘MAZES‘ album)
I Don’t Care If It’s True – The Indelicates (from the ‘David Koresh Superstar’ album)

One thought on “Closer to you now

  1. Great selection Alistair and I recall the first time I heard the Wondermints track I convinced myself it had to be a Brian Wilson outtake…later all was revealed! Anyway had me scuttling back to the album and ‘Mind if we’..great stuff. XTC track also lovely. I guess the Sea and cake track is from a latest album? Many thanks for these.


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