So you’re saying there’s a chance?

So you're saying there's a chance

Tracer – Conquering Animal Sound (on their Tumblr)
The Suburbs – Mr. Little Jeans (via Tympanogram)
You And Your Dad Issues (Vocal Mix) – Doctrine (on Bandcamp)
Clonidina – Reina Republicana (on Bandcamp)
Spidey’s Curse – Black Lips (from the Arabia Mountain album)
Sweet Tooth – Kids on a Crime Spree (on Slumberland via Soundcloud)
Yeah, Tonight – Gold-Bears (from the ‘Are You Falling In Love’ set for Slumberland)
When You Hit The Floor – Honey (on Bandcamp)
Kissing Clouds – Sweet Bulbs (on Soundcloud)
So You’re Saying There’s A Chance? – Everyone to the Anderson (on Bandcamp)
Cool Air – Ghost Club (from ‘Ghostclubbing’ available at eMusic)
Dreams Of Herge – 3Ds (from ‘Early recordings 1989-90’ on Flying Nun. On their bandcamp)
I Don’t Want You Anyway – Look Blue Go Purple (On the ‘Compilation‘ album and live performance in 1996 on YouTube)
Mad On You – The Bats (from the ‘Made Up In Blue’ EP on ‘Daddy’s Highway’ re-issue)
Letter To You – Sneaky Feelings (from ‘Positively George Street’)
Beauty Secrets – Be Bop Deluxe (from ‘Sunburst Finish‘)
Dark Times – The Wild Swans (from the ‘Tracks In Snow’ EP on Occultation)
The Way I Don’t Kiss – The Soft Close-Ups (on Corporate Records)
Incredible Hulk – Spaghetti Anywhere (on YaChoob)
Asthmatic – Young Circles (from ‘Jungle Habits’ album – out August 2011, check their Bandcamp)

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