Summer Feel

Summer feel

Malcolm – Aberfeldy (from the ‘Somewhere to Jump from’ album. on Soundcloud)
Kevin Currie – Spaghetti Anywhere (from ‘Arrochar’ on Bandcamp)
Your Sympathy – Devon Williams (from ‘the line of best fit’. On Soundcloud)
You Don’t Want to Live Like That – The Art Museums (from the ‘Dancing’ EP for Slumberland and on Bandcamp)
Time Is Right – The Feelies (from ‘Here Before’ )
I Wanna Be With You – The Sneetches (covering them Raspberries on YouTube)
Pop Song – David Kilgour (from ‘Left By Soft’ )
Kelvin British Summertime – Lenzie Moss (on Bandcamp)
The Memory Of Wounds – Edinburgh School For The Deaf (on Bubblegum records and live on YouTube)
Poppy White – The Jasmine Minks (on Oatcake records and on YouTube)
På randen – Testbild! (from the ‘Barrikad’ album on Bandcamp)
No Pressure – Secret Cities (YouTube)
Summer Feel – Phantom Power (from ‘FUCK.’ on Bandcamp)
Colour of a man (PSB organic mix) – The Hidden Cameras (on Soundcloud)
The Corner – Chairs Missing (from ‘When Now EP’ on Bandcamp)
Happy As Can Be – Cut Off Your Hands (free from their record label)
What Am I Going To Do – Pop Art Toasters (from the Pop Art Toasters EP. Kinda hard to find now…)
Lake Abe – Family Cactus (from ‘Spirit Lights’ on Bandcamp)
Dunedin from the Bay – Robert Scott (from ‘Songs Of Otago’s Past’ at Buy Dunedin Music)
Good Morning People – David Kilgour (from ‘Solstice’ compilation)

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