Your Love Is Calling My Name

Your love is calling my name

Wu Tang Clan – Allo Darlin’ (on Bandcamp)
The Stars, The Moon, The Sun and the Clouds – The French (from Local Information)
Finally – Philco Fiction (Soundcloud)
half open – The Bilinda Butchers (Soundcloud)
Jetstream – Pacific (YouTube)
Falling Asleep – Painted Palms (Bandcamp)
Telepathic Boys – Alligator Indian (Bandcamp)
Piglet – Sarandon (Soundcloud)
She Didn’t Know – The Twerps (Bandcamp)
The Path Home – Bad Indians (Bandcamp)
Your Love Is Calling My Name – The War On Drugs (Soundcloud)
In, Out, And Around – Tiger Waves (Bandcamp)
Daisy Miller pt.2 – Moscow Club (Bandcamp)
Bedroom Eyes – Dum Dum Girls (Soundcloud)
A Teenager Told Me: Be Careful – My Darling YOU! (from I Will Exclude You With My Body Language)
Love is a Fragile Thing (Sleazy version) – the second hand marching band (on Bandcamp)
Half Moon Street – Pete And The Pirates (from One Thousand Pictures)
The Mannequin – Sam Duckworth (from The Mannequin)
Pouring Rain At Dawn – The Jayhawks (from Mockingbird Time)

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