Who tripped on the c(h)ord?

Who tripped

This is All Going to End Badly – Trips and Falls (Bandcamp)
Yorkshire – For Abel (Soundcloud)
Deep Six Saturday – Tommy Keene (YouTube)
Pretty In Decadence – French Films (Soundcloud)
Agony Steeds – Anna Bradley (Bandcamp)
This Culture – Nishwasher (Bandcamp)
Horrorscope – Carter Tanton (on the Interwebs)
Hey, We Tried – Tennis System (Soundcloud)
Vidrado – Cretina (Interwebs)
Crossing – Wooden Shjips (Soundcloud)
Spinning (Spun Out) – Loop (from The World in Your Eyes)
Worlds Collide – Trummor & Orgel (Soundcloud)
Det haster! – Casiokids (Soundcloud)
Korakrit – The Octopus Project (YouTube)
Det högre medvetandet – Eric Malmberg (from Den Gåtfulla Människan)
Who tripped on the c(h)ord? – Øresund Space Collective (Bandcamp)
Champagne Marxists – Family Cactus (Bandcamp)
Katie My Darling – The Unfaithful Ways (YouTube)

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