Can we go to a bar?

Can we go to a bar

Bleak Bake – King Krule (YouTube)
Night Time – Tracey Thorn (YouTube)
Can I – Säkert! (YouTube)
Brown Bird Singing – Linden (Soundcloud)
The Love That You Read About – Red Shoe Diaries (Bandcamp)
Theme From Dinosaur Planet (single mix) – MJ Hibbett & The Validators (Soundcloud)
Waiting At The Window – Chris T-T (Bandcamp)
Something About You – Terry Malts (Soundcloud)
Species – Meowtain (Bandcamp)
Drugstore – The Maxines (on K Records)
Crybaby – Shellshag (on Amazon)
Factory Grime – Crushed Butler (YouTube)
Rock and Roll Rules – Chartreuse (Forgotten Songs)
Rock and Roll Parade – Cockney Rebel (YouTube)
Guild of Defiants – My Tiny Robots (Soundcloud)
Old Coasts – By The Sea (Bandcamp)
Moonlight – The Pipers (Bandcamp)
Ghost Behind The Door – The Attic Sleepers (Bandcamp)
Boring Ones – Big Fox (Soundcloud)
The Kinetic Family – Flare Acoustic Arts League (Affairs Of The Heart label)
Voyager Program 1977 – The New Lines (YouTube)

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