More than a myth but less than a fable

More than a myth but less than a fable
This was been my go-to mix for the first few weeks of December. There are even a couple of bona-fide Christmas songs on there to get me in the mood. Links as always will allow you to listen, evaluate, explore and hopefully reward the artists you like with sparkling gifts of love (and perhaps even money).

Sick – The Twilight Sad (YouTube)
Carve a Peach – His Clancyness (from a split 7″ with Shimmering Stars. On Soundcloud)
Not Growing Up – Shimmering Stars (from a split 7″ with His Clancyness. On Soundcloud)
I Like It When – Les Animaux (Bandcamp)
There And Back Again Lane – Dot Dash (from the album ‘Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash’ On Soundcloud)
Onward, Sailboat – Pants Yell! (live radio session)
Christmas in the Boiler Room – Darren Hayman (on Bandcamp)
The Christmas Waltz – She & Him (Soundcloud)
Pop Kids – The Pinefox (Soundcloud)
Summer Nights – GRMLN (Bandcamp)
Freefall – Spotlight Kid (YouTube)
Bastard Fear – Indoor Voices (Bandcamp)
An Address To The Better Off – McCarthy (care of A Jumped Up Pantry Boy)
Don’t Get Mad… Get Even! – Age Of Chance (YouTube)
Stick Together – U Roy (YouTube)
The Truest Faith – Korallreven (Soundcloud)
Teenagers In Heat – Caged Animals (Soundcloud)
14 – Carrousel (Bandcamp)
Same Things (Different Again) – Collider (Bandcamp)
Salmonella Fitzgerald – Cousin (Bandcamp)

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