Who took the booze?

Here’s the second of the posts I scheduled for publication before I had to dash north to Scotland. The third one will appear on Christmas Day, so watch out for that…

Who took the booze

What, another mix of tunes from the murky depths of December? Well, what else is gonna keep ya warm at night, right? Or during the day, come to that.

I really like this one. I mean, I know I would say that, but honestly, what’s not to love? Some old gems from the likes of Dion, David Essex, Bitter Springs, Honeycombs and Eggs, plus some new sparklers from Wave Pictures, Pink Films, Paperfangs and Sea Lions amongst others. And what about The Tyde covering Primal Scream? Man, I spoil you, I really do spoil you.

And just to spoil you some more, here’s the one day only, never to be repeated (except maybe one more time) offer of the whole shebang wrapped up in one of them zipper files. Huh? You missed it?! That’s a crying shame…

Skyreburn – R M Hubbert (Bandcamp)
Who Took the Booze? – Randan Discotheque (Bandcamp)
The Outskirts – The Bitter Springs (from Best Bakers On The Island)
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever – Dion (from Dion)
Have I The Right – The Honeycombs (YouTube)
Bring In the Sun – David Essex (YouTube)
Wrong Direction – Pink Films (courtesy of Positive Destruction)
Short Version – Wild Flag (Soundcloud)
Sooner Or Later – Tricia Yates Fanclub (Bandcamp)
Baby G – The Vickers (Bandcamp)
Talented loser – Stand up against heart crime (Bandcamp)
Emma’s House – Seapony (Bandcamp)
Lifelong – Paperfangs (Soundcloud)
New Born Deer – the Wave Pictures (from the wiaiwya 7777777 7″ series)
Nothing Left To Do But Cry – the Werewandas (from the wiaiwya 7777777 7″ series)
Leaves – The Tyde with Piper Kaplan (Bandcamp and yes,it is a Primal Scream cover)
I Don’t Wanna Go Out – Sea Lions (from Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask)
Bicycles – Zebra Tracks (Soundcloud)
The Government Administrator – Eggs (YouTube)
In My Time – Kurt Vile (Soundcloud)

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