Unpopular Advent 2012 – Day 9: The Pre New – ‘Cathedral City Comedown’

The Pre New – ‘Cathedral City Comedown’ from ‘Music for People Who Hate Themselves

For some of us of a certain age there is something very satisfying about being able to nod knowledgeably about links, connections and lineages. The Pre New give us a wealth of opportunities in this realm, not least with links out and back to the Earl Brutus and World of Twist; two names that ought to send shivers down your spine. For others however all that name-calling and head-nodding means nothing whatsoever and I admit that at times I am jealous of such people. After all, what does it matter? The past has passed and all that really matters is the sound of the Now. Fortunately The Pre New have that covered too, and there were few records in 2012 that bristled with quite the same nerve, verve and vivacious venom as ‘Music for People Who Hate Themselves’. The highlight was surely the clashing, crashing, cacophonous call to arms of ‘Cathedral City Comedown’ with its gloriously madcap psychedelic pop improv. As the man said, “for God’s sake, burn it down…”

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