Home Is Where My Head Is

Home is where my head is

I missed the answer to the question I forgot I asked <that was a download link. You’re too late.

Whatever – Fury Things (from ‘EP2’. Bandcamp)

Home Is Where My Head Is – Whirr (from ‘Pipedreams’. Bandcamp)

I’m a Conservative – The Eversons (from ‘The Eversons’ EP. Bandcamp)

London Bound – Just Handshakes (Bandcamp)

Save Me – The Choo Choo Trains (from ‘I Choo-Choo-Choose You’ 7″. Bandcamp)

Not Every Idiot Knows How To Drive A Car – The Dentals (from ‘Tennessee’ LP. YouTube)

Daylight – The Kinks (YouTube)

Apeman – Raw Geronimo (from ‘God Save The Kinks’ cassette. Bandcamp)

Go Wild in the Country – Bow Wow Wow (YouTube)

Favourite Fallen Idol – Adorable (YouTube)

Heavy Denim – Stereolab (YouTube)

Crawfish – A Classic Education (from Covo Club 7″. Soundcloud)

Sell It To Me – Street Chant (from ‘With A Little Help From Our Friends’ EP. Bandcamp)

Michael J. Foxworthy – Small Reactions (Bandcamp)

Streamers – The Blue Aeroplanes (from ‘Beatsongs’ reissue. YouTube)

Phantoms Run The Factory – Twin Library (from ‘Lowways’ LP. Bandcamp)

With Every Heartbeat – Beat Radio (from ‘Hurricanes’ EP. Bandcamp)

A Million Times – Alpaca Sports (from new 7″. YouTube)

Avenue of Splendours – Paperfangs (from Past Perfect)

Blueness (live piano version) – Chris T-T (from ‘Good Songs in Small Rooms: Live 2005-2011’. Bandcamp)

smile a smile and sing a song

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