Unpopular Advent 2014 – Day 6: TV Girl – ‘French Exit’

TV Girl’s first visit to the Unpopular advent series came back in 2012 when their ‘The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle’ set crashed in sounding like, and I quote, “Brian Wilson camped out on Mulholland Drive armed only with a MacBook and a brief to recreate the sugary bubblegum Pop of ‘50s Americana for a 21st Century youth with ADHD”. Their ‘French Exit’ album from earlier this year didn’t (thankfully!) deviate significantly from that formula, but it did sound like that ADHD had been successfully and sympathetically taken in hand. At it’s best (almost every one of the twelve cuts could count as a highlight), ‘French Exit’ sounded like TV Girl had discovered the magic in the spaces between the samples and the glitches. In places it was so smooth, spacious and somnambulant you could almost think of it as the Dub version of their previous recordings. Nowhere was it finer than on the aptly titled 'Lover’s Rock’: a delicious smooch of a song that drifted in and out of shafts of summer sunlight like Janet Kay dancing to ‘Dazzle Ships’.

TV Girl – 'French Exit' (Bandcamp)


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