Tiny Moments #128 – anger is an energy

The junction of Green Lane with the main road is a tricky one whichever direction you approach it, but particularly when coming in the direction towards home. Twice I stick my right arm out and move to the primary position in anticipation, and twice cars come past me into the blind corner regardless. By the time I’m at the junction I’ve firmly claimed the road and have both hands on the hoods for maximum control. Yet still, as I make the turn, a third car drives past on the inside blaring its horn. With a somewhat indelicate Italianate gesture I let the driver know exactly what I think of them.
As the anger slowly dissipates however I spot on my computer screen than I have managed to be three seconds up on my fastest time down the lane without really trying. The intention had been to just ride home steadily but this seems too good an opportunity to pass up. By the time the bleep sounds for the end of the sector I have pulled out another couple of seconds to knock a round five off my previous best. This feeling of satisfaction is something of a salve. 

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