How to Recognise a Work of Art

How to recognise a work of art

I’m more confused now than when I was sixteen

Timebomb – Moscow Circus (from ‘Resounding’ LP. Pre-order)
Honest – FURY THINGS (from ‘VHS’ LP. Bandcamp)
Holiday – Surf Friends (from ‘Dreams are Real’ EP. Bandcamp)
Blue Slush – Neurotic Fiction (from’DEMO’. Bandcamp)
Lonesome You – Ajnabi (free digital single. Bandcamp)
Heart Attack – The Pooches (from ‘Heart Attack’ EP. Bandcamp)
How to Recognise a Work of Art – Meilyr Jones (from ‘2013‘ LP. VEVO)
Postcard # 40 – Jens Lekman (from ‘Postcards’. Soundcloud)
He Doesn’t Love You Like I Do – Nick Heyward (from ‘From Monday to Sunday‘ LP. YouTube)
Swallows In The Rain – Friends Again (from ‘Trapped & Unwrapped‘ LP. YouTube)
Up the Hill Backwards – David Bowie (YouTube with Legs and Co.)
Atlantic City – Bruce Springsteen (from ‘Nebraska‘ LP. YouTube)
Your Majesty We Are Here – Earl Brutus (from ‘Tonight You Are The Special One‘ LP)
Depth Charge – The Senior Service (from 7″ single)
John Power – Nervous Twitch (from ‘Don’t Take My TV’ cassette. Bandcamp)
Crowd – EGO (digital single. Bandcamp)
Solar Gap – Hinds (from ‘LEAVE ME ALONE‘ LP. YouTube)
Come Down – Wavves X Cloud Nothings (from ‘Wavves X Cloud Nothings’ LP. Bandcamp)
Soft Days – Sea Pinks (from ‘Soft Days’ LP. Bandcamp)
TWENTY-NINE PALMS – Glenn Mercer (from ‘Incidental Hum‘ LP)
Pictures Of You – Jacob Faurholt (from ‘Super Glue’ LP. Bandcamp)
My Right Hand – Pete Astor (from ‘Spilt Milk‘ LP. Soundcloud)
Papercut – We. the Pigs (from 7″ EP. Bandcamp)
See Wish – Indoor Voices (from ‘Auratic’ EP. Bandcamp)

I’m okay, you’re so so

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