Here come the young Don Quixote

Ice Cream and Sunscreen – Martha (from 'Blisters In The Pit of My Heart' LP. Bandcamp)
Now I'm A Killer – The Wolfhounds (from 'United Kingdom' LP. Bandcamp)
All The Time – The Fireworks (from 'Black and Blue' EP. Bandcamp)
Sun Drop – Young Scum (from 'Zona' EP. Bandcamp)
Undine – Fear of Men (from 'Fall Forever' LP)
Eurodisco – Bis (YouTube)
Eurosport Music Baby! – Le Sport (from 'Tell No-one About Tonight')
So, Young Fanatic – Dora Maar (from 'Flights' EP. Bandcamp)
In Spain – The dB's (from 'Repercussion' LP YouTube)
France – Intastella (from 'Intastella & The Family of People' LP. YouTube)
Derailleur, King Of The Mountain – Appliance (from 'Six Modular Pieces' LP)
The Waves – Deerful (from 'Staying Still' EP. Bandcamp)
Johnny Bye-Bye – Bruce Springsteen (YouTube)
Elvis On The Radio, Steel Guitar In My Soul – The KLF (from 'Chill Out' LP)
Pencil Doings – Kaspar Hauser (from 'Kaspar Hauser' EP. Bandcamp)
Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth – Sparks (from 'Propaganda' LP)
Turret Grove (Acoustic Version) – Rapid Results College (Bandcamp)
Kardashev Fail – Video Version – Papernut Cambridge (from 'Kardashev' EP. Bandcamp)
Snow White Chook – Able Tasmans (from 'A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down' LP)
Hard To Clean – Chook Race (from 'Around The House' LP. Bandcamp)
Without Rigour – Acton Bell (from 'You Don't Know What Love Is' LP. Bandcamp)
Known World – Kodiak Island (from forthcoming LP)

I was the dampest box of matches you could ever hope to find

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