check my email, consult my notebook

Monday Morning, Somewhere Central – Ultimate Painting (from 'Dusk' LP. Bandcamp)
Haunted – Desario (from 'Haunted' EP. Bandcamp)
The Clue – Robert Scott (from 'RePort' tape. Bandcamp)
I'm A Rabbit, I'm A Fox – Laura Jean (from 'Our Swan Song' LP. Bandcamp)
Omnibus – The Move (YouTube)
Lazers Linda – Hooton Tennis Club (from 'Big Box of Chocolates' LP)
Brickwall – Fred Thomas (from 'Changer' LP. Soundcloud)
Dean’s Room – Allison Crutchfield (from 'Tourists In This Town' LP. Bandcamp)
Your Excellency – Parenthesis… (from 7" single. Bandcamp)
SF Rose – Fanfickk (digital single. Bandcamp)
Moby Dick – Gurr (from 'In My Head' LP. Bandcamp)
Trouble – Girl Ray (from 7" single. Bandcamp)
Juvenile Delinquent – Suzy Cope (available on 'Soho Expresso')
My Boy Elvis – Janis Martin (available on 'Girls Gonna Bop')
Fictional Decision – Drahla (digital single. Bandcamp)
No Sustain – The Sticks (from 7" single. Bandcamp)
Painkiller – Luxury Death (pinpal single)
Motorway – The Bellamys (from EP. Bandcamp)
Ace – Kestrels (from 'Kestrels' LP. Bandcamp)
Belly Up – Tears Run Rings (from 'In Surges' LP)

Clouds That Cover The Sun – TOY (from 'Clear Shot' LP)
Arms Of The Dark – Oskar’s Drum (from 'A Cathedral of Hands' LP. Bandcamp)

don't forget your ticket if you want to ride

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