unpop 161

unpop161 may 2018 copy

a pirate’s life for me

Sky – Totally Mild (from ‘Her‘ LP)
Open Portal – Alison Statton & Spike (from ‘Bimini Twist’ LP. Bandcamp)
Your Kinda Love (feat. Clara Viñals) – Scott Mannion (digital single. Bandcamp)
Nothing Compares 2 U – Prince (YouTube)
The Music They Love Us To Hate – Spearmint (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Remember and Forget – LMNOP (from ‘earlyNOP’ LP. Bandcamp)
In My Arms Again – The Shoes (YouTube)
The Light of Day – Kacy & Clayton (from ‘The Siren’s Song’ LP. Bandcamp)
With You Every Day – Anna Burch (from ‘Quit The Curse’ LP. Bandcamp)
Soberland – Hinds (from ‘I Don’t Run’ LP. Bandcamp)
Once In A Lifetime – Anthony Newley (YouTube)
Go Where You Wanna Go – The 5th Dimension (YouTube)
Tomorrow – Birdie (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Henry’s Amusements – Pete Wiggs (from ‘Abtractions of Holderness’ LP)
Galactic Spring – Retep Folo (from ‘Galactic Sounds‘ LP)
All Those I Danced With Are Gone – The Left Outsides (from ‘All That Remains’ LP. Bandcamp)
Elm & Bracken – trappist afterland (from ‘Se(VII)en’ LP. Bandcamp)
Forgive Me – SORROW (from ‘Under the Yew Possessed’ LP. Bandcamp)
Warblers – Barrett’s Dottled Beauty (from ‘Temple of Fiddes’ LP. Bandcamp)
Ooooh Baby in the Chorus – Death And The Maiden (from ‘Wisteria’ LP. Bandcamp)
You’re So Cool – Jonathan Bree (from ‘Sleepwalking’ LP. Bandcamp)
Jenny – Erin McKeown (from ‘I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: All Hail West Texas’ LP. Bandcamp)
Time’s A Ghost – Nick Power (from ‘Caravan’ LP. Bandcamp)

that’s when I hurt the most

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