unpop 165

unpop165 september 2018 copy

I tried to paint you something

A Tragedy In The Tithe Barn – Alison Cotton (from ‘All is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre’ tape. Bandcamp)
Parachute – Thee Lakesiders (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Whisper – Still Corners (from ‘Slow Air’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Wood – Paul Haig (from ‘The Wood‘ LP)
Stjärnor som – Testbild! (from ‘Stad’ LP. Bandcamp)
You Can Hide Your Love Forever – The Fortuna POP! All-Stars
Make Time 4 Love – The Goon Sax (from ‘We’re Not Talking’ LP. Bandcamp)
Best Laid Plans – Lost Ships (from ‘Best Laid Plans’ EP. Bandcamp)
World’s Last Payphone – Dot Dash (from ‘Proto Retro’ LP. Bandcamp)
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth – MARY + STEW (flexi disc. Bandcamp)
Oh Helen – Terry (from ‘I’m Terry’ LP. Bandcamp)
Cut Knuckle – Monnone Alone (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Lord Of All I Survey – The Chills (from ‘Snowbound’ LP. Bandcamp)
I Don’t Know About Love – SOB STORIES (from ‘debut EP’ Bandcamp)
Stumble – Picturebox (from ‘Escapes’ LP. Bandcamp)
Pull The Plug – Jactars (available on ‘C89’ box set. Cherry Red)
Son of Nothing – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Hands In The Till’ LP. Bandcamp)
Kill Kill Kill Kill – The Death of Pop (from ‘Reverse Play: C86 re​(​dis​)​covered’ LP. Bandcamp)
Sixty Second Window – Alison Statton & Spike (from ‘Bimini Twist’ LP. Bandcamp)
Books I’ve Read – Alpaca Sports (from ‘From Paris With Love’ LP. Bandcamp)
Katie Dear – Mapache (from ‘Lonesome LA Cowboy’ EP. Bandcamp)
Snowblind – The Room in the Wood (from ‘The Room In The Wood’ LP. Bandcamp)
Leaving Detroit – The Jayhawks (from ‘Back Roads and Abandoned Motels‘ LP)

our fingers grew numb with cold

2 thoughts on “unpop 165

  1. Love this latest offering Alistair, particularly Parachute – Thee Lakesiders ( brilliant retro feel and there’s a great promo vid as well); Whisper – Still Corners; Stjärnor som – Testbild! ( not heard of at all so a real joy…oh, and another Alpaca Sports track….still the wonderful same as ever. Plus a new Jayhawks album to investigate. Rack this one up to a Vuelta mountain stage win for you!


  2. Cheers Rob. Enjoy digging into the back catalogues of both Still Corners and Testbild! All well worth checking out. Let me know if you want anything shared 😉 New Jayhawks LP is good. Starts strongly, tails off a little bit but ends brilliantly with this lovely cut. At its best it all really reminds me of the very wonderful Apartments. As for the Vuelta mountain stage win? It’s the only way I’ll ever win one so I’ll take it 😉


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