Are you familiar with the movie ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’? Of course you are. And because you are familiar with that movie you are naturally also familiar with the concept of Shakubuku: “a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.”

Well, every so often we all need a bit of that. I need it now.

I glanced/scrolled through this blog and found myself mildly depressed by a couple of things.

  1. There’s been no writing on it for an eternity. Well, not since the end of 2017 when the ever-unpopular Advent series kicked in during December. Before that, another year back to the Advent series of 2016 and the conclusion of the ’50/50′ project.
  2. There’s been nothing except Mix Tapes since the start of June when the 2018 version of the Double Negative photography series petered out in a befuddled pfffft of inertia.

So come on, kick me. Kick me. KICK ME.

I kick myself. I kick this blog. The blog kicks back. Just write. Right.


Just write.


3 thoughts on “Shakubuku

  1. I’m new here and came via the mix tapes, so firstly thank you for that. My experience with them has actually been pretty intense (and good). I’d taken some of the songs and made another mix, which I burnt onto a CD-R. The next day I became very ill, ended up in the emergency room and in the hospital for several nights (long story, I’m OK now). I’d asked my wife to bring a few CD’s and the portable player (somehow I became primitive as time passed) and she grabbed the Unpop discs. So there I was in the hospital, 4 AM, hooked to machines, listening to songs like How Many Days Since Yesterday, that beautiful Stephen Hero song about NY, the lyrically inappropriate yet musically perfect Cigarettes After Sex song… thank you. I look forward to diving into everything else on the site- writings, photos, etc. Music is like the food you bring for a picnic on a nature hike, everything else is a vital part of the experience.


    1. Thank you so much for these words Andy. I’m so glad that you are now out of hospital and healthy. Also so happy that the Unpopular mixes provided some soundtrack to your recovery. Rest assured that the mixes will continue (I’m addicted to making them!) but I’m acutely aware that I need to kick myself into action with writing again. I’m looking forward to that, and hope that you’ll enjoy at least some of what I end up scribbling! Hope too that you enjoy digging through the archives here. Really glad to know there are folks like yourself out there making it all worthwhile.


      1. My pleasure! I will definitely explore the other offerings. The mixes are wonderful- it’s not just the artists and the songs, but the moods and atmospheres, each mix feels like a specific story unfolding. Please keep writing. I know what you are feeling, I love writing but I know few are interested. We live in a world where most prefer something immediate, something already known- but sharing and receiving writing or art can provide that important spark of life, discovery of new ways of thinking and feeling. Also, I realize if I do not write something isn’t quite working inside of me, a key element is switched off. So, it’s important- write. Right? Write!


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