unpop 166

unpop166 october 2018

I’m cruel but I’m not cold

Weight – Cyanide Thornton (from ‘Cyanide Thornton’ LP. Bandcamp)
She’s A Runaway – The Coral (from ‘Move Through The Dawn‘ LP)
Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go – Spiritualized (from ‘And Nothing Hurt‘ LP)
Wastelands – Suede (from ‘The Blue Hour‘ LP)
Working Class Jacket – My Favorite (on ‘Love At Absolute Zero​/​Death In Suburbia’ LP. Bandcamp)
Suburbia – Pet Shop Boys (from ‘Please‘ LP)
The Seaside Town – Deerful (from ‘Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own’ LP. Bandcamp)
Growing Older – Princess Chelsea (from ‘The Loneliest Girl’ LP. Bandcamp)
Seven – Men I Trust (digital single. Bandcamp)
Days Of Dust – Molly Nilsson (from ‘Twenty Twenty’ LP. Bandcamp)
This Heat – Gregor (from ‘Silver Drop’ LP. Bandcamp)
Space Cowboy – Life Pass Filter (digital single. Bandcamp)
Double Denim – Cornershop (digital single)
Jewels Are Set in Crowns – Felt (from ‘The Pictorial Jackson Review: Remastered Edition’)
Sleep Easy – The Goon Sax (from ‘We’re Not Talking’ LP). Bandcamp)
Fortress – Terry (from ‘I’m Terry’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Man – Goat Girl (from ‘Goat Girl‘ LP)
Hotel – Oskar’s Drum (from ‘Degenerate Art’ LP. Bandcamp)
Many Clouds – Tim Burgess (from ‘As I Was Now‘ LP)
Hens Teeth – Bad Sav (from ‘Bad Sav’ LP. Bandcamp)

make a chain of flowers

2 thoughts on “unpop 166

  1. ….and then , after a longer than usual pause, a flurry of activity! Hip hip and so on and certainly not a kicking. We all need time to reflect and work gets in the way. Mind you Alistair, i have noticed a handful of my often returned to-even followed- blogs someting of a pattern of ebb and then flow ( a sign of the times re blogging?) so good to have your mojo back. Never heard of Bryant and May so that might be worth chsing up. And a fresh compilation which I’ve whiled away a dismal wet day following up. Ideally I ought to get you to guess the track which I adored? But ok, no time for tests and there’s the usual mix of sort of know to not a clue but, for me, Men I trust a band I’d assumed had packed up as I’d heard nothing since Headroom a few years ago – I had a bit of a soft spot for that album. But Seven is a great single so maybe there will be an album soon. Thanks for the post(s)


  2. Well, I’m pretty new here but for what it’s worth I’ve been anticipating this mix- going online hoping it might appear. It feels like a gift, and these mixes always result in a wish list of albums I want to devour. It is appreciated!


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