unpop 167

unpop167 november 2018 1

So much music to share this month, which means we are breaking the unwritten, non-existent rule and making Unpop 167 into a double-disc spectacular.

Disc 1

Sunset Drive – Deerful (from ‘Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own’ LP. Bandcamp)
Glimpses Across Thunder – AMOR (from ‘Sinking Into A Miracle’ LP. Bandcamp)
State Of The Art – The Necessaries (from ‘Event Horizon’ LP)
I Got a Feeling – Chris Spedding (from ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else’ LP)
Starry Eyes – The Records (7″ single)
Rock-n-Roll Band – The Go-Karts (from ‘Korda 4 Komp’ LP. Bandcamp)
Yeah Bones – Kurt Vile (from ‘Bottle It In’ LP)
Of Their Bones – Oskar’s Drum (from ‘Degenerate Art’ LP. Bandcamp)
Love Canal – Vee VV (digital single. Bandcamp)
While I Appreciate Your Concern (live) – Astro Children (digital single. Bandcamp)
The 2nd Most Beautiful Girl In The World – Snail Mail (Amazon Prime single)
What You Gonna Do Now? – CARLA DAL FORNO (from ‘You Know What It’s Like’ LP. Bandcamp)
Man Up, Man Down – Malcolm Middleton (from ‘Bananas’ LP. Bandcamp)
Skip to the Good Part – Friendship (from ‘Gentle Weirdos: Orindal Records Sampler Vol. 2’. Bandcamp)
Hillside ’86 – epic45 and July Skies (From ‘Through Broken Summer’ LP. Bandcamp)
Time Song (Monitor Mix) – The Kinks (from Village Green Preservation Society boxset)
Sad and Blue (The Original Memphis Recordings) – Primal Scream (from ‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up (The Original Memphis Recordings)’ LP)
Hold On – Kath Bloom & Loren Connors (from ‘Restless Faithful Desperate’ LP. Bandcamp)
White Horses – Paul Weller (from ‘True Meanings’ LP)

unpop167 november 2018 2

Disc 2

Are You Numb? (Replicant) – The Luxembourg Signal (from ‘Robert Hampson remixes EP’. Bandcamp)
How To Quit Smoking – Papercuts (from ‘Parallel Universe Blues’ LP. Bandcamp)
I’ll Tell You Later – Swiss Alps (digital single. Bandcamp)
Rain On Tin – The Ocean Party (from ‘ The Oddfellows’ Hall’ LP. Bandcamp)
Goodguy Sun – Karla Kane & The Corner Laughers (digital single. Bandcamp)
Circles – The Ace Of Cups (from ‘Ace Of Cups’ LP)
Hey Gyp – Gloria (from ‘Hey Gyp‘ digital EP)
Walls Come Tumbling Down – Boyracer (digital single. Bandcamp)
Get Bramah – Blue Orchids (from ‘Righteous Harmony Fist’ LP. Bandcamp)
Poppy Fields – Section 25 (from ‘Part-Primitiv’ LP)
The Feeling – John Zealous & L. Valerie (digital single. Bandcamp)
Hot Air – Cyanide Thornton (from ‘Cyanide Thornton’ LP. Bandcamp)
Out Of The Blue – Molly Nilsson (from 20/20 LP. Bandcamp)
First Kiss – Pregnancy (from ‘Urgency’ LP. Bandcamp)
Guilty (‘Cos I Say You Are) – Soft Cell (from ‘Keychains and Snowstorms’ LP)
I Let The Sun Go Down – Elvis Costello & The Imposters (from ‘Look Now’ LP)
We Will Get There – Ray Davies (from ‘Americana Pt 2’ LP)
Within Each Day – Dave Davies (from ‘Decades’ LP)
(I Know) I’m Losing You – Rod Stewart (from ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’ LP)
The Train – Frank Sinatra (from ‘Watertown’ LP and ‘Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs present State of the Union – The American Dream in Crisis 1967-1973’ LP)

3 thoughts on “unpop 167

  1. Appreciate the mixes as always. I download every one. Just FYI- the first track on the first disc appears to be missing; not sure if its easy to add that in? Thanks…


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