unpop 172

a time to sell yourself

Weird Ways – Strand of Oaks (from ‘Eraserland‘ LP)
The Final Years – Bob Mould (from ‘Sunshine Rock’ LP. Bandcamp)
Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten (from ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ LP. Bandcamp)
You’re Not Always On My Mind – Quivers (digital single. Bandcamp)
Futurism – Deerhunter (from ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’ LP)
Ain’t That Always The Way – Paul Quinn (from ‘Big Gold Dreams’ CD boxset)
Molly Somebody – The Long Ryders (from ‘Psychedelic Country Soul’ LP)
Spanish Brigade – Steve Mason (from ‘About The Light’ LP)
Inferno (Brisbane In Summer) – Robert Forster (from ‘Inferno’ LP)
Do it Twice – Monnone Alone (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Strange Lovers – David Lance Callahan (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Stuck Here – Holiday Ghosts (from ‘West Bay Playroom’ LP. Bandcamp)
1959 – The Wendy Darlings (from ‘The Wendy Darlings Against Evil’ LP. Bandcamp)
Lost Ship – Juliana Hatfield (from ‘Weird’ LP)
Hopechapel Hill – Gravenhurst (from ‘Flashlight Seasons’ LP)
I Believe In You – Talk Talk (from ‘Spirit Of Eden’ LP. R.I.P. Mark Hollis)
The World’s in Town – Rustin Man (from ‘Drift Code‘ LP)
I Miss You (Acoustic Version) – Billie The Vision & The Dancers (from ‘Billie No Mates’ LP)
Last Warmth of the Day – TOY (from ‘Happy In The Hollow‘ LP)

a time for passing

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