unpop 179

Feel me, see me, wouldn’t want to be me…

Undercliff 1973 – fariña (from Undercliff Suite. YouTube)
End of a Holiday – Fairport Convention (from What We Did On Our Holidays LP. YouTube)
Sprig of Thyme – Alula Down (from Betwixt and Between 5 tape. Bandcamp)
Late Summer – HARESS (from Haress LP. Bandcamp)
Midsummer’s Queen – Meadowsilver (digital single. Bandcamp)
Gem – Rose McDowall & Shawn Pinchbeck (from Far From The Apple Tree LP. Bandcamp)
Sonny Come Home – David Ackles (from David Ackles LP. YouTube)
First Flush, Second Flush, Autumn Flush – Darren Hayman (from Songs Of High Altitude LP. Bandcamp)
September Skies – Armstrong (from ‘Under Blue Skies‘ LP)
Run Away – The Memory Fades (from Space Pilot EP. Bandcamp)
Bloody Blighty – MICK TROUBLE (from It’s The Mick Trouble LP. Bandcamp)
Last Resort – The Late Innings (from Wild Places LP. Bandcamp)
Paintbox Ladies – Storm the Palace (from Delicious Monster LP. Bandcamp)
Night Sweats – Lloyd Cole (from ‘Guesswork‘ LP)
All Mirrors – Angel Olsen (from All Mirrors LP. Bandcamp)
Footsteps – Modern Nature (from How To Live LP. Bandcamp)
Sundown – Bruce Springsteen (from Western Stars LP)
Honey From the Honeycombs – The Rubinoos (from From Home LP. Bandcamp)
Starting to Feel Good – Fay Hallam (from Propeller LP)
Hold On – Lesley Duncan (on Lesley Stop Lightly LP)
An Image Is Different – R. Elizabeth (from Every And All We Voyage On LP. Bandcamp)
Chicas De Madrid – Red Sleeping Beauty and Cristina Quesada (digital single. Bandcamp)
Keep This Love – The Russian Futurists (from Reality Burger With A Side Of Life EP. Soundcloud)

Dots on a map

(significantly truncated) playlist on The Spotify

Full playlist on the Mixcloud

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