unpop 180

With her finger on her ticket and her things in a Peppa Pig bag

A Lost Week In Bingoland – The Grief Brothers (from ‘Thirty Five Years on Woodfield Street’ LP. Bandcamp)
One More Sunset – The Bitter Springs (from ‘The Odd Shower’ LP. Bandcamp)
Just Too Far – The Claim (from digital EP. Bandcamp)
Queen of Hearts – Dave Edmunds (YouTube)
Passaic 1975 – The Mountain Goats (7″ single. Bandcamp)
Mid 8Ts – Comet Gain (from ‘Fireraisers Forever!’ LP. Bandcamp)
Hey Little Man – The Roves (from ‘All Those Freaks’ LP. Bandcamp)
Didn’t Even Cry – Young Guv (from ‘Guv 1’ LP. Bandcamp)
Theaters – Chaos Chaos (digital single. YouTube)
Nothing To Believe – Lispector (from ‘Small Town Graffiti’ LP. Bandcamp)
No Trace – Carla dal Forno (from ‘Look Up Sharp’ LP. Bandcamp)
Accidental Beauty – Vetchinsky Settings (from ‘Underneath The Stars, Still Waiting’ LP. Bandcamp)
Cut Piano – R. Elizabeth (from ‘Every And All We Voyage On’ LP. Bandcamp)
You’ll Find The Right Note (Eventually) – HUMAN DON’T BE ANGRY (from ‘Guitar Variations’ LP. Bandcamp)
Black Autumn – The Diamond Family Archive (from ‘Black Autumn’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Coronation of the Herring Queen – Meadowsilver (from ‘Singles’ EP. Bandcamp)
Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal – Dr. Strangely Strange (from ‘Kip Of The Serenes’ LP)
The Garden Of Jane Delawney – Trees (from ‘The Garden of Jane Delawney’ LP)
A Norman Soldier – Mark Fry (from ‘Dreaming With Alice’ LP)
Jean Genet Just Imagined – John Howard (from ‘Cut The Wire‘ LP)
Patient Here Myself – Stephen Hero (from ‘Deciduous Eccentric’ LP. Bandcamp)
Planet England – Robyn Hitchcock / Andy Partridge (from ‘Planet England‘ EP)

We’re all foreigners at heart

Truncated playlist on The Spotify

Full playlist on the Mixcloud

One thought on “unpop 180

  1. Another fine selection Alistair and I wondered if you’d come across the ‘I only listen to the Mountain Goats’ blog where Darnielle is interviewed track by track on the latest album. fascinating stuff.


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