Unpopular Hill Songs part 1 – I Set My Face To The Hillside

In an attempt to make another musical connection to the hazy theme of ‘landscape’ that has threaded haphazardly throughout the year I decided to trawl my music library for songs that were ‘about’ or at least referenced hills in their title. It was also an excuse to make some rudimentary collages. Here is volume 1. You can download the entire mix here.

Hillside ’86 (with July Skies) – Epic45
The Hills Of Celt (Bonus Track) – Nigel Mazlyn Jones
The Black Hills Of Dakota – Doris Day With Paul Weston & His Orchestra With Vocal Quartet
Kill Devil Hills – The Wedding Present
Black Hills – Cayetana
Sandhills – Strawberry Switchblade
Old As The Hills – Tiny Ruins
Over the Hillside – The Blue Nile
Rolling Hills – Romantic States
I Set My Face To The Hillside – Tortoise
Hollow Hills – Bauhaus
The Hills are Alive – Tall Dwarfs
The Mid Hills – Scenic
September Hills – Eyeless In Gaza
A Child in These Hills – Jackson Browne
Up The Hills – The High Llamas
September Hills – Eyeless In Gaza
The Hills Of Vermont – Sandy Salisbury
Hills Of West Virginia – Phil Ochs
The Town & the Hills – The Lucksmiths
Suicide On The Hillside Sunday Morning After Tea – Euphoria

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