Unpopular Hill Songs part 2 – Bright Side Of The Hill

Volume two of the Unpopular Songs About Hills series can be downloaded here.

Chalkhills And Children – XTC
Golden Hills – Maurice Deebank
On The Hill – Strand of Oaks
Lavender Hill – The Kinks
Fanny On The Hill – Jack Hayter
Green Rolling Hills – Emmylou Harris
The Ballad of Elm Tree Hill – The Left Outsides
Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel
Through The Hill – Andy Partridge & Harold Budd
Bright Side of the Hill – Jimmy Campbell
Breakneck Hill – Saint Etienne
Menwith Hill – Pete Dale And The Beta Males
Over That Hill – Mr. Airplane Man
Sugar Hill – The Three Sounds
The House On The Hill – Skytone
From The Square To The Hill – Darren Hayman
The House on the Hill – The Hanging Stars
Halfway Up A Hill – Day Ravies
Beneath The Hill – Azure Blue
Meet Me Lord (At The Bottom Of The Hill) – Starry Eyed and Laughing
Tandle Hill Brandon Hill – Soiled / Marcus H
On Gellert Hill – Armstrong

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