Unpopular Hill Songs part 3 – We Sat On The Hill

Volume three of the Unpopular Songs About Hills series can be downloaded here.

Parliament Hill Fields – Stephen Duffy And The Lilac Time
Mansion on the Hill – Neil Young & Crazy Horse
The View from Stow Hill – Manic Street Preachers
Whiteleaf Hill – Way Through
Mole Hill Yards – Os Drongos
Hedgehog Hill – The Puddle
Parliament Hill – Darren Hayman
Mansion On The Hill – Orange Nichole
I’ll Climb Back Up That Hill – David Kilgour
We Sat on the Hill – Dignan Porch
Windmill Hill – Secret Shine
Running Up That Hill – Bank Heist
Pleasant Hill – tailor made for a small room
Upon Hilly Fields – Lucky Soul
Hilly Fields (1892) – Nick Nicely
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush
Hubbards Hill – Tindersticks
House On The Hill – Turtles
House On Soul Hill – Gainsborough Gallery
Looking Down A Hill – Epic 45

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