Unpop 182

Download the entire mix here.

Small Town Graffiti – Lispector (from ‘Small Town Graffiti’ LP. Bandcamp)
Cotton & Cane – Olden Yolk (from ‘Living Theatre’ LP. Bandcamp)
Tourist Town – James McArthur and The Head Gardeners (from ‘Interglactic Sailor’ LP. Bandcamp)
Amos – Jim Sullivan (from ‘Jim Sullivan’ LP reissue)
Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Mono Single Mix) – The Kinks (from ‘Arthur’ LP reissue)
The Hills of Cinnamon – The Lilac Time (from ‘Return To Us‘ LP)
Society Of Inner Nothing – Comet Gain (from ‘Fireraisers Forever!’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Career Saver – The Yummy Fur (from ‘Piggy Wings‘ LP)
Religious Me – The Jazzateers (from ‘Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey’ LP. Bandcamp)
Sentimental Lady – Medicine (from ‘Scarred For Life’ LP. Bandcamp)
Shoulders – Big Thief (from ‘Two Hands’ LP. Bandcamp)
Lips Lasso – Emily Fairlight (digital single. Bandcamp)
The Amputees – Tindersticks (from ‘No Treasure But Hope’ LP. Bandcamp)
Hissing Waves (radio edit) – The Leaf Library (full version on ‘The World Is A Bell’ LP. Bandcamp)
My Sister Lives In Glasgow – Socks and Ballerinas (from ‘SOAP!’ LP. Bandcamp)
Michelle – One Man Bannister (from ‘Rubber Solo’ LP. Bandcamp)
Holloways – Vic Mars (from ‘Inner Roads and Outer Paths‘ LP)
Creep Out of Bed – Carla dal Forno (from ‘Look Up Sharp’ LP. Bandcamp)
Natural State – Rose Elinor Dougall (digital single)
Meander – Elizabeth (from ‘The Wonderful World Of Nature’ LP. Bandcamp)
Chance – Angel Olsen (from ‘All Mirrors’ LP. Bandcamp)

Partial (almost complete!) playlist on Spotify

Complete mix on Mixcloud

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