Unpopular Hill Songs part 4 – High On A Hill

Volume four of the Unpopular Songs About Hills series can be downloaded here.

Down Colorful Hill – Red House Painters
They Cut Into The Hill – Epic45
Friday Hill – Edwards Hand
Running Up That Hill – Claudia Brücken + Andrew Poppy
House on the Hill – Emma Pollock
Parliament Hill Fields – Sylvia Plath
Parliament Hill – Magna Carta
High On A Hill – The Pendulum
Barnoon Hill – Pacific
Theme From Hythe Hill – Directorsound
On Box Hill – Ben Watt
Escalator Over The Hill – Talulah Gosh
On The Hill – The House Of Love
Mansion On The Hill – Bruce Springsteen
City On The Hill – The Stars Of Heaven
Parliament Hill – Saint Etienne
Strawberry Hill – Red House Painters
A Hilly Town – Phantom Buffalo
Hatha Hill – The Mountain Goats
Up The Hill And Down The Slope – Loft

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