Unpopular Advent 2019 – Day 12

Mick Trouble – ‘A Council Boy’ from ‘It’s The Mick Trouble LP’

We remember Mick Trouble. Always third on the bill at the Room At The Top but never got a slot at The Living Room because Some People thought he wasn’t ‘authentic’ enough. What a joke.

We remember Mick Trouble. Touting demos recorded in his bedroom, all tinny Dansette vocals and trebly guitars. If we had a time machine we’d probably go back and say he was laying the blueprints for The Wedding Present and The Pooh Sticks or something. We remember the tape had a cover with that newspaper photo of Thatcher sitting with a group of paras, wearing fatigues and getting ready for a drop. If only. We remember ribbing him about it at The Ambulance Station once and he said it was ironical or something. Funnily enough when he spoke he sounded nothing like he did when he was singing. Instead of a Working Class, vaguely Cockney swagger he came over all shy Surbiton. Someone made a jibe about his dad being a company director and his mum a marriage counsellor, said they were called Margot and Jerry. Someone else called him Dick Van Dyke. Mick, that is, not his dad. We never bought his tape.

We remember Mick Trouble. There was talk of Dan Treacy releasing songs from his demo as an LP (or maybe it was an EP) on the Whaam! label, but nothing ever came of it. Then he was too Mod and not Psych enough for Dreamworld and after that he just disappeared. Someone said he’d buggered off to the States to reinvent himself, which certainly made sense of the Dick Van Dyke digs.

We remember Mick Trouble. Didn’t he have that song about ‘Bloody Blighty’? All Modish righteousness and coming on like it wanted to be on a record by The Times. And wasn’t there a number where he did a gag about how Londoners sounded like they were calling the Tube lines ‘lions’? I’m sure we actually DID laugh at that one. Thinking back actually we probably didn’t appreciate the humour at the time. He had a song about the Wag club that we didn’t think was obscene enough in its critique, didn’t he? God we could be insufferably glum and angst ridden bastards back then couldn’t we?

We remember Mick Trouble. Had a song about Hank Marvin years before Uncle Bob Stanley made it all trendy to dig Cliff and Shadows and all that. And one about a ‘Second Sky’ that was same name as a fanzine he wrote. Or are we confusing that with Kevin’s peerless ‘The Same Sky’? Whatever. We certainly saw Mick wearing his John Lennon cap and reading ‘Hungry Beat’ on the Northern Line one night after a Minks’ show.

We remember Mick Trouble. Back To The Future in a time machine built in an Austin Allegro. Bloody Blighty indeed. Bleedin’ marvellous.

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