Unpop 185

It’s not sad

Nocturne – Landshipping (digital single. Bandcamp)
Crank Resolutions – Meursault (from ‘All Creatures Will Make Merry’ LP. Bandcamp)
New Dawn – Withered Hand (from ‘Ten Years’ EP. Bandcamp)
Catch – Dana Gavanski (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Lucid I Would Dream – Miranda Lee Richards (from ‘Existential Dream’ LP. Bandcamp)
Two States – The S-Bends (from ‘Nothing Feels Natural To Me’ LP. Bandcamp)
Her Father’s Son – East Village (from ‘Hotrod Hotel’ LP. Bandcamp)
Heavy Blue – The Hanging Stars (digital single. Bandcamp)
Set Me Up Boys – Teeniest (digital single. Bandcamp)
You and Your Sister – sparkle*jets u.k. (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
He Will Always Come Back – Chaos Chaos (from ‘Withershins’ LP reissue. YouTube)
Lilac – Porridge Radio (digital single. Bandcamp)
Roles Reversed – The Electric Soft Parade (from ‘Stages’ LP. Bandcamp)
No Rock Save In Roll – Cornershop (digital single YouTube)
Hard Times (feat. John Grant) – Whyte Horses (from ‘Hard Times‘ LP)
The Kids Are Having None of It – Frazey Ford (digital single. YouTube)
Shadows Break – Mega Bog (from ‘Dolphine’ LP. Bandcamp)
Chi Mi Bhuam – Burd Ellen (digital single. Bandcamp)
Thicket – Mark Tranmer (from ‘Further Woodland’ LP. Bandcamp)
Afterwards – Josephine Wiggs (from ‘We Fall’ LP. Bandcamp)

It’s more than that

Partial playlist on Spotify

Full playlist on The Mixcloud

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