Unpop 187

Did you choose the wrong ones and throw away the right ones?

Morning Come, Maria’s Gone – Burd Ellen (from cassette. Bandcamp)
The Bonny Raven – Kitchen Cynics (from ‘Sans Seraphim’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Young People – Lankum (from ‘The Livelong Day’ LP. Bandcamp)
Richmond – Shelagh Mcdonald (from ‘Shelagh McDonald’ LP reissue. YouTube)
Touch Her If You Can – Matthews’ Southern Comfort (from ‘Scion’ LP. YouTube)
Paxton Quigley’s Had the Course (Single Version) – Chad & Jeremy (from ‘Three In The Attic’ soundtrack. Available on ‘The Ark’ LP and the ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ soundtrack. YouTube)
Spring Turns To Winter – The Claim (from 7″ single. Bandcamp)
Thinking of You – Sister Sledge (from ‘Thinking Of You’ 6 CD boxset)
If Pennies Came From Heaven Could Karl Marx Have Been Mistaken? – The Beloved (from ‘Where It Is’ reissue. Bandcamp)
Down In Splendour – Straitjacket Fits (from ‘Melt’ LP. YouTube. R.I.P. Andrew Brough.
Stardust Magical – Sneaky Feelings (from ‘The Mercury Moment’ LP. Bandcamp)
Kiss My Lips – Jonathan Bree (from ‘After The Curtains Close’ LP. Bandcamp)
In a Year – Izzie Derry (digital single. YouTube)
FOMO – Tidal Rave (from ‘Heart Screams’ LP. Bandcamp)
Give/Take – Porridge Radio (from ‘Every Bad’ LP. Bandcamp)
Dream Grrrl (single vers.) – Grrrl Gang (from ‘Here To Stay’ LP. Bandcamp)
Rip the Price Off – Store Front (from ‘Task’ EP. Bandcamp)
Michael Is My Girlfriend – Massage (digital single. Bandcamp)
Hold Me – Peter Hall (from ‘There’s Something Wrong With Everyone’ EP. Bandcamp)
Say You Don’t Mind – Colin Blunstone (available on ‘Tea and Symphony’ compilation. YouTube)

Written in sand with the softest of feathers

Partial playlist on The Spotify

Full playlist on The Mixcloud

One thought on “Unpop 187

  1. Another lovely mix Alistair with, for me, a couple of unheard gems (and isn’t that what it’s about?) – Store Front and Peter Hall which are on repeat . Thanks overall as well and nice to have my memory tugged by an old Sister Sledge track. We know the dico bangers but their albums had some gems hidden away. And if you haven’t yet check out If you don’t wanna know by Fake laugh- it’s got into my
    head anyway. How long before self isolation delivers another playlist, he wonders!


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