Tiny Moments #136 (Lockdown edition #7)

It feels these days as though all my rides initially head East, with Whimple the point from which decisions on roads of further travel are made. Today the coin is tossed in my mind and comes up tails. Which is to say, turn towards Talaton and see where the mood then takes me. It takes me further East and North, to Broadhembury and the very edge of the Blackdown Hills. The punishingly steep Stafford Hill climbs from Broadhembury up to the Dunkeswell plateau, but I leave it for another day when the legs are stronger and the weight around my middle significantly decreased. Instead I turn back towards Kentisbeare, Uffculme, Tiverton and home. Enough small hills there to keep me tested. I pass the sign reading ‘Blackborough  2’ and immediately start singing “Blackborough Way, I can’t see you, I don’t need you…” It sticks in my head for the remaining 30km of my ride. I’m not complaining.

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