Tiny Moments #138 (Lockdown edition #9)

I’ve always found Good Friday to be the most peculiarly quiet day of the English year but this year it is especially so. This is, by some distance, the quietest I have seen the roads during The Lockdown. Even the number of cyclists out enjoying the summer-like warmth for their daily exercise seems smaller than on other days. Not that I’m complaining. 

Leaving Chudleigh I pass a garden wall on which is draped a large banner telling me that today is Poppy’s 18th birthday. It occurs to me how difficult this whole situation must be for the young, for whom moments such as birthdays are crucially sociable events. A few kilometres out of the village I pass a young woman sitting on the grass beside a pink bicycle, laughingly FaceTiming in her beautiful rural solitude. Casually I rather hope that this is Poppy, virtually celebrating the big day with her friends on the picnic they had always planned. I smile and raise a hand in greeting, as I do with everyone I pass. Happy birthday Poppy.

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