Tiny Moments #146 (Lockdown edition #17)

The number of families out cycling and walking together in the Devon lanes is extraordinary. Just outside Westwood a family of four has propped their bikes against the hawthorn hedgerow and is picnicking on an extended verge. I see the fluorescent orange of an ice lolly contrasting sharply with the luxurious green of the grass.

I realise as I ride past the farmyard where, at Christmastime, enormous maritime buoys are hung like baubles from a tree, that it is entirely possible I am seeing these family groups through a ridiculously positive lens. That teenage girl could well be complaining that she would rather be watching some YouTube influencer from LA telling her about makeup tips, and that boy may be whining that he wants to be indoors, shielded from the sun and playing online with his Nintendo PlayBoxStation. Nevertheless, I trust in the power of nature and believe that from this all, happier, more balanced lives will grow.

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