Tiny Moments #163

Home again from school, the temperature sensor on my Garmin hitting the 30 degree mark. The strong headwind might be a pain to the legs, but at least it stops that heat from boiling my head. Ahead I see another cyclist and as I close I see he is wearing a black Bretagne Seche jersey. I catch and roll past him on the short rise out of Bickleigh, exchanging what I hope is taken as a cheerful hello. Clearly, however, the notions of social distance etiquette have been thrown out the window, as I sense him latching onto my back wheel for a tow along the valley. Up the rise to Jenny’s Portion he’s still there, so at the top of the rise I flick left and onto the Silverton lane, figuring I’d rather more metres of hills in the heat than giving tows to strangers.

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