Tiny Moments #168

After a couple of months enjoying a different normal where everyone has been thoughtful and considerate, today reminds me that Normal Service Has Been Resumed. On the A road to Crediton the traffic is back to the typical level of busy and so, in the face of oncoming vehicles, a white VW Passat decides he (it’s bound to be a He) cannot possibly wait another second and passes me with barely an inch to spare. Instinctively my right arm goes up in the Gallic expression of ‘hey, give me some space why don’t you?’ (As opposed to the Latin gesture that includes fingers and unkind suggestions about mothers). Immediately White VW Man stands on the brakes, forcing me to swerve to the edge of the road, passing him on the inside and half expecting a passenger door to open into me. This gives him the chance to close pass me again before speeding off into the distance and his unmissable sales appointment (or possibly to get his processed burger and sugar drink). Welcome back, world.

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