unpop 192

The world’s goin’ crazy and nobody gives a damn anymore (download disc 1)

Cameo – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (from ‘Sideways to New Italy’ LP. Bandcamp)
Perfect Day – RVG (from ‘Feral’ LP. Bandcamp)
Muskrat Love (Captain & Tenille cover) – MJ Elston (from ‘Cruise Control: A Yacht Rock Cover Compilation’ Bandcamp)
Work Alone – Gary Daly (from ‘Gone From Here‘ LP)
Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder – Scritti Politti (from ‘Absolute’ retrospective LP)
Couch Surfer – The Academy of Sun (from ‘The Quiet Earth’ LP. Bandcamp)
Into Strangeness – FEAR OF MEN (digital single. Bandcamp)
Not Summer Not Winter Just Cold – Happy Refugees (from ‘Intermittent Motion’ EP. Bandcamp)
Dig In – I LIKE TRAINS (from ‘Kompromat’ LP. Bandcamp)
Your Summer Theme – Lisa Mychols & SUPER 8 (from ‘Lisa Mychols and SUPER 8‘ LP
Mother Earth – Merry Go Round (R.I.P. Emmitt Grogan. YouTube)
If I Had A Ribbon Bow – Fairport Convention (R.I.P. Judy Dyble. YouTube)
Goldenwing – Snowgoose (from ‘The Making of You’ LP. Bandcamp)
This Letter – Belle & Sebastian (from ‘The Days of The Bagnold Summer’ LP)
Unification – Bingo Harry (from ‘Bingo Harry’ LP. Bandcamp)
White Line – Neil Young (from ‘Homegrown’ LP)
March March – The Chicks (from ‘Gaslighter‘ LP)
Don’t Diss the Disco – International Teachers Of Pop (from ‘Pop Gossip‘ LP)
Stop the Music – The Pipettes (from ‘Earth vs The Pipettes’ LP. YouTube)
On Me Not In Me – Earl Brutus (available on ‘Super Sonics – 40 Junkshop Britpop Greats‘ compilation)
Stop That Girl – Vic Godard (on ‘Singles Anthology’ Bandcamp)
dark angel – GospelbeacH (from ‘Once Upon a Time in London‘ live LP)
Brother – The Kinks (from ‘Sleepwalker’ LP. YouTube)

Dancer’s Green – HARESS (digital single. Bandcamp)
The Trembling Earth – Sairie (from ‘The Trembling Earth’ EP. Bandcamp)
Christs Hospital – Gilroy Mere (from ‘Adlestrop‘ LP)
Continental Balcony Twilight – gnac (from ‘Early Recordings vol 4’ Bandcamp)
Halo – Modern Nature (from ‘Annual’ LP Bandcamp)
Oiseau Rebelle – Clara Engel (from ‘Hatching Under The Stars’ LP. Bandcamp)
Cruel Summer – TJO (from ‘Songs for Peacock’ LP Bandcamp)
Chinese Satellite – Phoebe Bridgers (from ‘Punisher’ LP Bandcamp)
Upper Slaughter – Darren Hayman (from ‘Thankful Villages vol 2’ LP Bandcamp)
Wishing Well – Anne Briggs (from ‘The Time Has Come’ LP YouTube)
Tangled Man – Green Gartside (from 7″ single)
Of All The Things We’ve Made – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (YouTube)
A Mystery To Me – Snails (digital single. Bandcamp)
The Way That She Laughed – Lavinia Blackwall (from ‘Mugginton Lane End’ LP. Bandcamp)
Faking Amnesia – Johanna Warren (from ‘Chaotic Good’ LP. Bandcamp)
Drinking During The Day – Emily Edrosa (digital single. Bandcamp)
Louis L’Amour – Scrawl (from ‘Travel On, Rider’ LP. YouTube)
Sympathy for the Baby Boo – Deerhoof (from ‘Future Teenage Cave Artists’ LP. Bandcamp)
… and Electric Music – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Electric Music’ LP. Bandcamp)
Seek to Hide – A Shoreline Dream (from ‘Melting’ LP. Bandcamp)

the air is so heavy and dry (download disc 2)

Partial playlist at Spotify

Full playlist at Mixcloud

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