unpop 193

Do you ever wonder, where did the summer go? (download disc 1)

A Different City for a Different Life – The Human Hearts (from ‘Day Of The Tiles’ EP. Bandcamp)
As Many Candles As Possible – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Getting Into Knives’ LP. Bandcamp)
Pointless Killing – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Electric Music’ LP. Bandcamp)
Post-Modern Hereditary Dance Steps – June of 44 (from ‘Revisionist’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Chauffeur – TJO (from ‘Songs For Peacock’ LP. Bandcamp)
For Her – The Chicks (from ‘Gaslighter‘ LP)
Beautiful Horses – BLOODbath64 (from ‘Aestheticadelica’ LP. Bandcamp)
House Music All Night Long – JARV IS… (from ‘Beyond The Pale’ LP. Bandcamp)
Flood the Club – International Teachers Of Pop (from ‘Pop Gossip‘ LP)
Until Now, All Is Well (feat. Laetitia Sadier) – The Nix (7″ and digital single. Bandcamp)
See The World – Thibault (from ‘Or Not Thibault’ LP. Bandcamp)
A song in Spanish addressed to men who drive big cars – Short-Haired Domestic (digital single. Bandcamp)
A World Of Polka Dots – the boy least likely to (from ‘The Wrong End of a Rainbow’ LP. Bandcamp)
If I Told – Courtney Marie Andrews (from ‘Old Flowers’ LP. Bandcamp)
In The Cloudy Domain – Gary Daly (from ‘Gone From Here‘ LP)
Broken Loves – The Blue Nile (from ‘High’ LP reissue)
Time After Time – The Beloved (from ‘Happiness’ LP reissue. Bandcamp)
When All Is Said and Done – ABBA (YouTube)
Unknown – Even As We Speak (from ‘Adelphi’ LP. Bandcamp)
Please Don’t Fuck Up My World – Sparks (from ‘A Steady Drip Drip Drip‘ LP)

Marquee Moon – Luna (digital single. Bandcamp)
The One – The Lemon Twigs (from ‘Songs for the General Public’ LP. Bandcamp)
Home – El Goodo (from ‘Zombie’ LP. Bandcamp)
Dearest Eloise – Stray (from ‘Peephole In My Brain – The British Progressive Pop Sounds Of 1971‘ compilation)
Two Things At The One Time – The Wee Cherubs (from ‘The Merry Makers‘ LP)
Warwick – The Bats and associates (from ‘Foothills’ LP. Bandcamp)
Woke Up To The Light – Strand of Oaks (from ‘Heal’ LP. Bandcamp)
Thunder In The Afternoon – Bobbie Gentry (from ‘Saint Etienne Present Songs For The Fountain Coffee Room‘ compilation)
Ruby – The Jayhawks (from ‘XOXO’ LP. Bandcamp)
Hold on To Your Love – Lavinia Blackwall (from ‘Muggington Lane End’ LP. Bandcamp)
Never Too Far – Dana Gavanski (from ‘Wind Songs’ EP. Bandcamp)
September Remember – Sam Prekop (from ‘Comma’ LP. Bandcamp)
Spellbinder – trappist afterland (from ‘Songs of temporary displacement’ Bandcamp)
Garden – Peter Rogers (from ‘The Stubborn Light of Things’ LP. Bandcamp)
No Peace – Alula Down (from ‘Postcards from Godley Moor. Summer 2020’. Bandcamp)
Song of Self Doubt – Alex Rex (from ‘Andromeda’ LP. Bandcamp)
Sweet Greens And Blues – Shirley Collins (from ‘Heart’s Ease’ LP. Bandcamp)
In Solitude I Will Fade Away – Alison Cotton (from ‘Only Darkness Now’ tape. Bandcamp)
Park Song – The Pistachio Kid (from ‘Sweet Remedies‘ 10″ LP.
The Truth’s Out, Darling – Quigley (from ‘A Kind Of Loving’ EP. R.I.P. Roger Quigley)

Two shadows floating on the last day of summer (download disc 2)

Partial playlist on Spotify

Full playlist on Mixcloud

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