unpop 194

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Autumn Arrives – gnac (from ‘Early Recordings vol 4’ LP)
Magpie Lane – Belbury Poly (from ‘The Gone Away‘ LP)
Layers of Regret – The Leaf Library (from ‘About Minerals’ LP. Bandcamp)
Above Our Heads – Sam Prekop (from ‘Comma’ LP. Bandcamp)
Buildings Aren’t Haunted, People Are – epic45 (from ‘Cropping The Aftermath’ LP. Bandcamp)
Into Autumn – Peter Rogers (from ‘The Stubborn Light Of Things’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Murderous Huntsman – David A Jaycock (from ‘Murder, and the Birds’ LP. Bandcamp)
Three Ravens – The Rowan Amber Mill (from ‘Golden Strings To Tether The Sun’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Man Who Bended Time – trappist afterland (from ‘Seaside Ghost Tales’ LP)
Nothing Special – Trees (from ‘The Garden Of Jane Delawney’ LP and on ‘Trees’ LP 50th anniversary edition. Bandcamp)
Between A Breath And A Breath – Dyble Longdon (from ‘Between A Breath And A Breath’ LP. Bandcamp)
Mount Everest – Dawn Landes (from ‘Row’ LP. Bandcamp)
Pink Rabbits – Strand of Oaks (digital single. Bandcamp)
Get Famous – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Getting Into Knives’ LP. Bandcamp. YouTube)
Favourite Day – European Sun (from ‘European Sun’ LP. Bandcamp)
Strange World – PAINT (from ‘Spiritual Vegas’ LP. Bandcamp)
Holiday – The Pull of Autumn (from ‘Small Colors’ LP. Bandcamp)
Together We’re Alone – Theatre Royal (from ‘Portraits’ LP. Bandcamp)
Heart Shaped Clock – The Treasures of Mexico (7″ Single)
Crying Behind The Marquee – Emma Kupa (from ‘It Will Come’ LP. Bandcamp)

Thunder Road – Kevin Rowland (from ‘My Beauty‘ LP reissue)
Banksia – Alex The Astronaut (from ‘The Theory of Absolutely Nothing‘ LP)
It Don’t Rain in Beverly Hills (Original Mix) – Dean & Britta (from ’13 Most Beautiful: Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests’ LP)
Six Syllables – The Very Most (from ‘The Very Most Needs Help’ LP. Bandcamp)
I’ll Probably Be Asleep – Hachiku (from ‘I’ll Probably Be Asleep’ LP. Bandcamp)
Old Before We’re Young – Jules in Trouble (from ‘Dark Jewels’ EP. Bandcamp)
Eel Drip – Penelope Trappes (from ‘Eel Drop’ EP. Bandcamp)
The Turning of Our Bones – Arab Strap (single)
The Last Exit – Still Corners (digital single. Bandcamp)
Never Gonna Let You Go – THE YEARNING (from ‘Only When I’m Dancing’ LP. Bandcamp)
Always In Love – A Certain Ratio (from ‘ACR Loco‘ LP)
Secrets – Pauline Murray (from ‘Elemental‘ LP)
7 Seconds – Porridge Radio (digital single. Bandcamp)
Corporate Indie Band – Swansea Sound (digital single. Bandcamp)
If You Ain’t Got Love – The Veras (7″ single)
Country Pancake – The Bachelor Pad (from ‘All Hash and Cock’ LP. Bandcamp)
Siberian Butterfly – Bob Mould (from ‘Blue Hearts’ LP. Bandcamp)
Lost Cause – The Persian Leaps (from ‘Smiling Lessons’ LP. Bandcamp)
Skyway – The Replacements (from ‘Pleased To Meet Me’ reissue)
Sue’s – Throwing Muses (from ‘Sun Racket’ LP. Bandcamp)
Autumn Song – Sneaky Feelings (from ‘The Mercury Moment’ LP. Bandcamp)
Pocketful of Sunshine – The Apartments (from ‘In and Out of the Light’ LP. Bandcamp)

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Partial playlist on The Spotify

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