Unpop 195

“I’m a bear in hibernation, I don’t worry about the world.” Download Disc 1

Where we stand, flowers will grow again – Experimental Spanish Radio Station (EP. Bandcamp)
Waking Up In A Field – epic45 (from ‘Cropping The Aftermath’ LP. Bandcamp)
I Love You (Restrained In A Moment) – Royal Family & The Poor (from ‘The Temple of the 13th Tribe’ LP)
Inner Garden – Alexia Avina (from ‘Unearth’ LP. Bandcamp)
Black Widow – Trees (from ‘Trees’ LP 50th anniversary edition. Bandcamp)
November on my Mind – The Left Outsides (from ‘Are You Sure I Was There?’ LP. Bandcamp)
Another Door – The Bats and associates (from ‘Foothills’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Theology of Adventure – Dawn Landes (from ‘Row’ LP. Bandcamp)
Evidence of a Bear – Sarah Louise (from ‘Floating Rhododendron’ LP. Bandcamp)
Hibernation – Annika Norlin
Back Behind the Eyes Again – Chloe Alison Escott (from ‘Stars Under Contract’ LP. Bandcamp)
Count Your Blessings – Theatre Royal (from ‘Portraits’ LP. Bandcamp)
Wolf Count – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Getting Into Knives’ LP. Bandcamp)
Dark Clouds – Pauline Murray (from ‘Elemental‘ LP)
Rainy Fall – Tango With Lions (from ‘A Long Walk’ LP. Bandcamp)
Summer Boy – East River Pipe (from ‘We Live In Rented Rooms’ LP. Bandcamp)
Forgotten Names – The Reds, Pinks & Purples (from ‘You Might Be Happy Someday’ LP. Bandcamp)
Gruesome Castle – The Wake (on ‘Here Comes Everybody + Singles’ LP)
Soft Evening, Brilliant Morning – Trembling Blue Stars (from ‘Country Music Songs For Keith Girdler’ LP)
Hiemalis – Kinbote (from ‘Shifting Distance’ LP. Bandcamp)
Forest House – Doves (from ‘The Universal Want’ LP)
The Fading Light – The Apartments (from ‘In and Out of the Light’ LP. Bandcamp)

“Remember November, lying in the dark.” Download Disc 2

Ellemwood Meditation – Sally Anne Morgan (from ‘Thread’ LP. Bandcamp)
Song of the Shingle – The Drift (CD and pamphlet from Longbarrow Press. Digital Download on Bandcamp)
Hela’r Dryw Bach – Burd Ellen (from ‘Says The Never Beyond’ LP. Bandcamp)
Golden Neighbourhood / Closing of The Quarters – trappist afterland (from ‘Seaside Ghost Tales’ LP. Bandcamp)
Mutilated Land – Ben Edge (from ‘New Tradition’ LP. Bandcamp)
Started Again – This Is The Kit (from ‘Off Off On’ LP. Bandcamp)
Orpheus Beach – The Clientele (digital single. Bandcamp)
It Doesn’t Have To Be True – Snails (from ‘Hard Wired’ LP. Bandcamp)
Northern Slopes – Davey Woodward And The Winter Orphans (from ‘Love and Optimism’ LP. Bandcamp)
The Power Of Prayer – Bruce Springsteen (from ‘Letter To You’ LP)
Losing My Religion – Quivers (digital single. Bandcamp)
go your own way (piano version) – Elizabeth (from ‘The Wonderful World of Nature’ deluxe edition LP. Bandcamp)
New Neighbour – U.S.Highball (from ‘Up Top High Doh’ LP. Bandcamp)
Memory Tone – Anton Barbeau (from ‘Manbird’ LP. Bandcamp)
Fear It – Sulka (digital single. Bandcamp)
These Days Are Ours – Candy Opera (from ‘The Patron Saint of Heartache’ LP. Bandcamp)
Meet the Lovely Jenny Brown – The Bachelor Pad (from ‘All Hash and Cock’ LP. Bandcamp)
Quiero conocer (por tu actitud) – AIKO EL GRUPO (digital single. Bandcamp)
Say Goodbye – Riff Doctors (from ‘Strum & Thrum: The American Jangle Underground 1983-1987’ LP. Bandcamp)
When All That We Hold Decays – The Luxembourg Signal (from ‘The Long Now’ LP. Bandcamp)

Partial playlist on Spotify

Full playlist on Mixcloud

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