Unpopular Advent 2020

Download disc 1

On Your Own – The Electric Soft Parade (from ‘Stages‘ LP)
Summer Ghosts – Ben Watt (from ‘Storm Damage‘ LP)
Godless – Close Lobsters (from ‘Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols‘ LP)
Trouble – Dana Gavanski (from ‘Yesterday is Gone‘ LP)
I’ll Keep It Inside – Belle & Sebastian (from ‘Days of the Bagnold Summer‘ LP)
Banksia – Alex The Astronaut (from ‘The Theory of Absolutely Nothing‘ LP)
Work Alone – Gary Daly (from ‘Gone From Here‘ LP)
It Doesn’t Have To Be True – Snails (from ‘Hard Wired‘ LP)
Perfect Day – RVG (from ‘RVG‘ LP)
Please Don’t Fuck Up My World – Sparks (from ‘A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip‘ LP)
Sweet Greens And Blues – Shirley Collins (from ‘Heart’s Ease‘ LP)
The Hill Was Hollow – Alison Cotton (from ‘Only Darkness Now‘ LP)
Pictures of You – The Left Outsides (from ‘Are You Sure I Was There?‘ LP)
The Unquiet Grave – Trappist Afterland (from ‘Seaside Ghosts‘ LP)

Download disc 2

Section XVII Weather Proverbs – Alula Down (from ‘Postcards from Godley Moor, Summer 2020‘ LP)
Between A Breath And A Breath – Dyble Longdon (from ‘Between a Breath and a Breath‘ LP)
Started Again – This Is The Kit (from ‘Off Off On‘ LP)
Highly Amplified – Cornershop (from ‘England Is A Garden‘ LP)
Until Olympius Returns – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Songs for Pierre Chuvin‘ LP)
Wolf Count – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Getting Into Knives‘ LP)
Adlestrop – Gilroy Mere (from ‘Adlestrop‘ LP)
Song of the Shingle – The Drift (from ‘Wealden‘ LP)
Belonging/O Nata Lux – Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (from ‘Songs of Yearning‘ LP)
Prayer – Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (from ‘Songs of Yearning‘ LP)
Forgiving – Even As We Speak (from ‘Adelphi‘ LP)
Pointless Killing – The Wolfhounds (from ‘Electric Music‘ LP)
Lilac – Porridge Radio (from ‘Every Bad‘ LP)
Gaslighter – The Chicks (from ‘Gaslighter’ LP)

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