Unpop 200

I feel glassy now… Download disc 1

Rydalwater – Modern Nature (7″ single)
Too early to say when … – Alula Down (from ‘Postcards from Godley Moor, Winter 2020/1‘)
Misty Bridges (Statues In Fog Mix) – The Declining Winter (from ‘Drifts and Flurries‘ compilation)
Be Dear Part 1 – Sue Tompkins and Luke Fowler (not available on TikTok)
Power Cut – Nightshift (from ‘Zöe‘ LP)
Sad Talk, Happy Talk – Jilk (from ‘Welcome Lies‘ LP)
Frozen River – Clara Engel & Bradley Sean Alexander (from ‘All Creatures‘ compilation)
Your Dreams (Single Version) – Sarah Louise (from ‘Earth Bow‘ LP)
South Foreland – Oliver Jackson (from ‘South Foreland‘ EP)
Welcome Home (Single Edit) – The Rowan Amber Mill (digital single)
The Big House – Peter Rogers (from ‘Witness Marks‘ EP)
Thursday – Darren Hayman (from ‘Music To Watch News By‘ LP)
Rad Brad Ivy – Lomond Campbell (from ‘LŪP‘ LP)
Emergence In Nature – Hannah Peel (digital single)
Invocation – Cabaret Voltaire (available on ‘Do You Have The Force? (Jon Savage’s Alternate History Of Electronica 1978-82)‘ LP)
Flutter – Autechre (from ‘Anti’ EP)

Download disc 2

It’s Already Tomorrow – Ski Saigon (from ‘Sees The Albatross‘ LP)
Monolith – The Chills (from ‘Scatterbrain‘ LP)
Primrose Hill – Rachel Love (digital single)
Big City Guy – Mary Saxton (YouTube)
Maybe I Know – Lesley Gore (YouTube)
A Garden by the Sea – Beautify Junkyards (from ‘Cosmorama’ LP)
Make It Rain – Aloa Input (digital single)
Insect Valley – Jowe Head (from ‘Strawberry Birthmarks‘ LP reissue)
INDIES OF THE WORLD – SWANSEA SOUND (various physical formats and digital single. Also YouTube)
Girls Just Wanna Dance – Modesty Blaise (YouTube)
The Enrico Song – Deaf School (from ‘Parigi My Dear‘ LP)
Deeper Than Sin – Blue Orchids (from ‘Speed The Day‘ LP)
Five Aces – Arrest! Charlie Tipper (7″ and digital single)
Dual Lives – The Lodger (from ‘Cul-de-sac Of Love‘ LP)
Lovely Things – The Muldoons (from ‘Made For Each Other‘ LP)
The Biggest Movie Ever Made – Tangled Shoelaces (from ‘Turn My Dial – M Squared Recordings and more 1981-84′ LP)
Mirrorball – The Catenary Wires (7″ and digital single)
Green (Mean Time) – Corvair (from ‘Corvair’ LP)
Soul Kiss II – Rat Columns (from ‘Pacific Kiss‘ LP)
New Schools – The Sea And Cake (from ‘Car Alarm‘ LP)
No Pressure – Field Music (from ‘Flat White Moon‘ LP)
Stand & Deliver – Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West (from
‘Farmer Dave & The Wizards Of The West’ LP)

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