Unpop 202

Ghastly mellow saxophones all over the floor – Download disc 1

Sir Orfeo – Alula Down (from ‘Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces‘ LP)
Stopping Out (Concrete Antenna Reinterpretation) – King Creosote (from ‘Transmissions Volume One‘ LP)
Prayer – The Durutti Column (from ‘Another Setting’ LP)
Winter Moon (edit) – GNAC (digital single)
South Beach Kiosk – Looper (digital single)
Live Or Die – Jackie Leven (from ‘Straight Outta Caledonia‘ LP)
The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love – Jens Lekman (from ‘I Know What Love Isn’t‘ LP)
Feel It Disappearing – MONNONE ALONE (from lathe cut single)
Sorry For Laughing – Josef K (from ‘Sorry For Laughing’ LP reissue)
Late Light Romance – Negative Nancies (from ‘Heatwave‘ LP)
Bluebird – Arab Strap (from ‘As Days Get Dark‘ LP)
Half a Feeling – Massage (from ‘Still Life‘ LP)
Cinematic – The Catenary Wires (from ‘Birling Gap‘ LP)
Runaway Jane – The Natvral (from ‘Tethers‘ LP)
Gutters of Love – Quivers (from ‘Golden Doubt‘ LP)
Hard to Fall – Love, Burns (from digital single)
Downhill – Days (on ‘Nice Try, Sunshine! A Swedish Pop Mixtape‘ LP)
All My Worries – SUPER 8 (digital single)
Albert The Painter – David Long (from ‘Moll & Zeis‘ LP)
What’s Shouted In The Dark (The Dark Shouts Back) – Alex Rex (from ‘Paradise‘ LP)
1974 – Robyn Hitchcock (from ‘A Star For Bram’ LP)
And The Lights Went Out All Over Town – Modesty Blaise (from ‘The Modesty Blaise‘ LP)

My eyes are listening to some sounds that I think just might be springtime – Download Disc 2

Weekend (The Judas Triangle) [Dom Beken & Kris Needs Remix] – The Orb (from ‘Abolition of the Royal Familia (Guillotine Mixes)‘ LP)
Decoy Point (Live On Northey Island) – Ultramarine (from ‘Transmissions Volume One‘ LP)
Reaction Diffusion – Hannah Peel (from ‘Fir Wave‘ LP)
Fur & Feather – Penelope Trappes (from ‘Penelope Three‘ LP)
Jewel of the Blueridge – Sarah Louise (from ‘Earth Bow‘ LP)
Two Strong Legs – Wyndow (digital single)
Nightingale (a capella) – Me Lost Me (from ‘Future Folk: Friendly Faces; Different Spaces‘ LP)
Mobile – The Mountain Goats (from ‘Dark In Here‘ LP)
In Our Dreams – Teenage Fanclub (from ‘Endless Arcade‘ LP)
Come Clean – BMX Bandits (from ‘Star Wars‘ vinyl reissue)
Timber – Departure Lounge (from ‘Transmeridian‘ LP)
When You Last Heard From Linda – Field Music (from ‘Flat White Moon‘ LP)
Happy to Perform – Kane Strang (from ‘Happy to Perform‘ LP)
Days Of Our Life – Edwards Hand (from ‘Edwards Hand’ LP reissue)
Painting Box – Beautify Junkyards & Belbury Poly (from 7″ single)
The Mad Hatter’s Song – The Incredible String Band (from ‘The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion’ LP)
A Lenticular Slap – Ryley Walker (from ‘Course In Fable‘ LP)

Almost complete mix on Spotify

3 thoughts on “Unpop 202

  1. And yet another very tasty mix Alistair and, again so many newbies. Much appreciated and I particularly liked GNAC. I’ve liked all of Field Music’s albums and this one treads familiar ground and delighted/excited at news of another Mountain Goats gem.


  2. Glad you enjoyed this one again Rob, and in particular that you’ve dug the GNAC track. All of the things Mark has been involved with have been tremendous.


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