Unpop 205

We should be eating chips along the pier… download disc 1

Summer Road – Adrian Borland (from ‘Lovefield: Neon and Stone‘ LP)
Things We Never Did – Sad Lovers And Giants (available on ‘A Sea Full of Sighs‘ LP)
Punk Rock Hotel – Paul Quinn & The Independent Group (from ‘Unadulterated‘ vinyl boxset)
The Birth Of The True – Aztec Camera (from ‘Backwards And Forwards – The WEA Recordings 1984-1995, 9CD Box Set‘)
SWANSEA SOUND (English) – Swansea Sound (digital single)
Revolt Against An Age Of Plenty – The Great Leap Forward (from ‘Revolt Against An Age Of Plenty‘ LP)
Footsteps – Bricolage (from ‘Bricolage‘ LP)
Opium Eyes – The Speed of Sound (from ‘Museum of Tomorrow‘ LP)
Time is on the Run – MONNONE ALONE (from ‘Stay Foggy‘ LP)
She Will Leave, Unless – Love, Burns (digital single)
So Said Sun Tzu – Joss Cope (from ‘Ashford International‘ compilation LP)
Monochrome Time – Neil Brogan (from ‘Magnolia Day‘ LP
Two Twenty Two – Peter Hall (digital single)
Get Into The Summer – the boy least likely to (digital single)
The Day Tom Petty Died – Dolour (from ‘Televangelist‘ LP)
Even the Losers – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (YouTube)
Surrender – Cheap Trick (YouTube)
C’mon And Love Me – Kiss (YouTube)
Galleries For Guns – The Vapors (from ‘Waiting For The Weekend – The United Artists & Liberty Recordings‘ 4CD)
It’s Just Love – Fire (from ‘Fathers Name Is Dad -The Complete Fire‘ 3CD)
Perfect – Pulsars (from ‘Lost Transmissions‘ LP
Galacticana – Strand of Oaks (from ‘In Heaven‘ LP)

Just let the music take your heart away… download disc 2

Memories Of Spain (And The Gods Looked Down) – Eat lights Become lights (from ‘The Romance of The Stars’)
Roads And Paths – Epic45 (from ‘Slides’ LP YouTube)
Avril Hydrangeas – Andrew Wasylyk (from ‘Balgay Hill: Morning in Magnolia‘ LP YouTube)
Season For Blooming – Black Moth Super Rainbow (from ‘Falling Through A Field‘ LP)
Star Core – Marielle V Jakobsons (from ‘Star Core‘ LP)
Wherefore A Veil pt1 – Through The Labyrinth – United Bible Studies (digital single)
Death (The Leaf Library Remix) – anrimeal (digital single)
Entering – Haiku Salut (from ‘The Hill, The Light, The Ghost‘ LP)
A Lot To Give – Molly Linen (from ‘Days Awake‘ EP)
Pulling On A String – Wyndow (digital single)
Desire – The Goon Sax (from ‘Mirror II‘ LP)
Fantasies – Hattie Cooke (from ‘Bliss Land‘ LP)
Chaise Longue – Wet Leg (digital single)
Nunnery Fields Forever (rave version) – Picturebox ft. Deerful (from ‘Ashford International‘ compilation LP)
New Slang – Porridge Radio (digital single)
Honeybee – Mountain Man (from ‘Made The Harbour‘ LP)
Trust – The Weather Station (from ‘Ignorance‘ LP)
Dream Of A Dream – Brother Lee (from ‘Seventh Season‘ LP)
The Shipping Forecast (Dialogue) – The Rowan Amber Mill (from ‘Disciples of the Scorpion‘ LP)
Scorpion’s Tail (Closing Theme) – The Rowan Amber Mill (from ‘Disciples of the Scorpion‘ LP)

Full playlist streaming on Mixcloud

Partial playlist on Spotify

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